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    profile pictureDruga Strefa
    Address: wielkopolskie, Chodzież
    Wedding music band from Poznan - Druga Strefa (Second Zone). Our band offers professional entertainment services. We play at wedding receptions, proms, graduation parties, New Year's Eve parties, carnivals, scientific conferences, Holy Communion celebrations, banquets and other events. We will adapt to all music tastes: blues, jazz, disco polo, rock&roll, pop music, the 20s, 50s, 70s, 80s or contemporary music ? we can play it all. We speak Polish, English, German and French. We have our own mea...
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    profile pictureOśrodek Konferencyjno - Wypoczynkowy Bobrowa Doli
    Address: podlaskie, Białystok
    Fabulous location Bobrowa Valley lost in the woods of Puszcza Knyszynska prompts our guests to organize family events here: weddings, receptions communion, anniversaries and meetings at the fire. Our staff will ensure you a pleasant atmosphere, a suitable room decor and tasty menu. Enjoy the meeting: restaurant for 60 people fireplace for 30 people universal (wedding) for 120 people winery for 70 people club for 40 people ballroom for 220 people garret (baby's room) for 35 people barbecu...
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  • profile pictureNosalowy Dwór Resort & SPA
    Address: małopolskie, Zakopane
    The two hotels of the Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa are situated at the foot of Mount Nosal in Zakopane. It is an ideal place for the most demanding guests. The three-star Hotel Nosalowy Dwór has been charming guests for 10 years with its regional décor and one of the best restaurants in Zakopane. The new four-star Hotel Grand Nosalowy Dwór, whose architecture is inspired by the style of mountain resorts from all over the world, is a place where one can spend time in comfort and luxury....
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  • profile pictureAgaya
    Address: łódzkie, Warszawa, Łódź, Wrocław, Białystok
    We are a group of professional and creative wedding planners. We will help You to plan and organize Your wedding ceremony and wedding party. Thanks to our professionals, You will save Your time and reduce stressful and high-pressure situations. We can take care of all details and necessary formalities connected with Your wedding. With smile on your face You will enjoy the first day of Your common life. We provide our services in the region of Mazovia and Lodz. Lets do Your wedding together...
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  • Dwór Złotopolska Dolina
    Address: mazowieckie, Zakroczym
    Would you like to dance Polonaisse like Zosia did with Tadeusz in Adam Mickiewicz's epic poem 'Pan Tadeusz'? Would you like to go hunting and bring a wonderful trophy to your beloved woman? Would you like your wedding vows to start with - Niech slowo kocham jeszcze raz z ust twych uslysze, Niech je w sercu wyryje i w mysli zapisze ? Adam Mickiewicz (But let me hear once more the words - I love - , Let me engrave them in my heart and save them in my thoughts) and then to just celebrate and enjoy ...
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