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Dwór Złotopolska Dolina
Trębki Nowe 89
05-170 Zakroczym
woj. mazowieckie
Tel.: 601999399
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Would you like to dance Polonaisse like Zosia did with Tadeusz in Adam Mickiewicz's epic poem 'Pan Tadeusz'? Would you like to go hunting and bring a wonderful trophy to your beloved woman? Would you like your wedding vows to start with - Niech slowo kocham jeszcze raz z ust twych uslysze, Niech je w sercu wyryje i w mysli zapisze ? Adam Mickiewicz (But let me hear once more the words - I love - , Let me engrave them in my heart and save them in my thoughts) and then to just celebrate and enjoy the wedding festivities? Zlotopolska Dolina mansion house and restaurant will provide you with all these 19th century's attractions. It would be a great idea to come to our mansion house a few days earlier. Then the Young Couple will be able to feel the specific atmosphere of the place and participate in many of our attractions. Hunting, mushroom picking or winter sledging ? we have numerous attractions for each season of the year. Among other attractions are: scenery ultralight trike or airplane flights, motorboat trips on the Vistula river, golf training or canoeing down the Wkra river. Dwor Zlotopolska Dolina is also responsive to any and every wish of young couples who dream for an outdoor wedding in a nice scenery. We provide stylish gardens designed by well-known Warsaw landscape architects, which will make the sacramental yes - even more memorable. The mansion house is run by two young and creative people who are willing to address clients' individual needs. Only your imagination stands in the way of your dream wedding! You may also request for professional assistance in organizing your wedding and wedding reception.

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